Heart icon created using CSS pseudo-elements

In this tutorial we will be creating the heart icon.

HTML markup

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <div id="heart"></div>

Applying some basic styling to body and div#heart elements.

    padding:20px 20px 60px 20px;

    width: 42px;
    height: 42px;
    margin: 0 auto;

    /* Later in our css :after pseudo child element of div#heart will be absolute positioned 
    so div#heart need to be relatively positioned to wrap :after element inside it. */
    position: relative;

Creating and styling the two halves of heart icon, #heart:before will be left half and #heart:after will be right half.

    /* No content needed to be displayed inside them so set it to empty string */
    content: '';

    /* Give same width to both halves */
    width: 26px;

    /* As the both halves have no content so above css rule width: 26px will not work until we make them block level elements. */
    /* Make them block elements */

    /* Give "appropriate" same height to both halves */
    height: 35px;

    background-color: #F44336;

    /* Make top-left & top-right corners rounded */
    border-radius: 15px 15px 0px 0px;

Click here to learn more about the css display property.

See result of all the html & css above, in the fiddle below

As we can see in the above fiddle that the right half of heart icon (#heart:after) is not aligned to left half, so we need to bring it in its right position i.e just beside the left half of heart icon(#heart:before).

Moving right half (#heart:after) to top right-side of left half (#heart:before).

    position: absolute;

    /* #heart:before is at 0px from top ( by default ) so #heart:after also need to be 0px from top */

    /* alinging #heart:after to right-side of #heart:before at "appropriate" position*/
    left: 10px;

See result in the fiddle below

Here is the final step, rotating left half (#heart:before) in anticlock-wise 50deg. and right half (#heart:after) in clock-wise 50deg.

    /* Rotate 50deg in anticlock-wise direction */
    transform: rotate(-50deg);

    /* Rotate 50deg in clock-wise direction */
    transform: rotate(50deg);

Check out final result in the fiddle below

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